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Brand New Brooks 130 Stairlift

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Why choose the Brand New Brooks 130 Stairlift Stairlift

If you need help to stay in your own home the Brooks 130 Slimline Stairlift could be just the thing you’re looking for.

The Brooks Slimline 130 Stairlift Designed for straight staircases it will fit seamlessly into your home while allowing you to continue to live independently.

Its smooth start and stop mechanism makes it easy to move effortlessly between different levels of your house. ACORN-NS-SL

Choose the Brooks 130 Slimline Stairlift

No upheaval involved

If you have ever thought fitting a stairlift would require major work then think again. The Brooks Slimline 130 is fitted without the need for structural changes to your property. It fits easily to the stairs rather than to the wall, which means your decor will not be affected, and its slimline design means it can be easily folded away when not in use.

The Brooks Slimline 130 does not compromise on comfort –and it offers a padded seat and hard-wearing backrest.

Doorways are no problem

An optional manual hinged rail can be provided if there is a doorway or hallway at the bottom of the stairs.

Stringent testing and certification is carried out on all of Brooks current stairlifts to ensure they comply with the most up to date European safety standards. Among its safety features an inertia seatbelt gives added security, and safety sensors will stop the stairlift immediately if there is any obstruction. It can also be locked and deactivated with a key.

The ACORN-NS-SL 130 plugs into UK mains electrical sockets so no changes are needed to the structure or the electrics of your home.

Brand New Brooks 130 Stairlift Features & Benefits

Safety and comfort come first at Brooks. The lift uses DC power packs that are automatically recharged when the lift is at rest. This means the lift is whisper quiet, incredibly smooth and will function even during a power cut.

Brooks Lincoln Stairlifts have slimline motors that provide a steady start/stop action and many years of faithful service. When you purchase a Brooks stairlift, you are buying freedom – not costly maintenance.

Indeed, every part of the lift has been designed with you in mind. Each feature is the result of careful consideration in response to the requirements of the stairlift user. We listen, and then we produce the best solution.

Brand New Brooks 130 Stairlift Options

Battery Operated. All stairlifts are battery operated, so they continue to work even if you have a power cut. You will need a convenient power supply to recharge your battery. Our engineers will explain the most appropriate solution and layout for your home after a free initial survey.

Adaptable Seats. Stairlift seats come in a range of finishes, with or without padded seats and can be either fixed or swivel. Swivel seats allow the user to sit down without making any awkward turns. Some seats can also be folded upright to provide extra space for other stair users.

Safety Features. Every stairlift is fitted with safety sensors to stop it in the event of an obstacle being on the staircase. All lifts provide a cushioned stop/start for a smooth gentle ride. Folding footplates provide extra stability and flexibility. Hinged safety rails are also available to stop the stair lift becoming a tripping hazard.

Perch and Sit/Stand Stairlifts. You don’t necessarily have to be seated to enjoy the smooth ride up a stairlift. We can respond to specific medical needs or constraints of narrow staircases etc by offering a number of different standing/perching options too. These are fitted with an extra safety barrier and control panel.

Custom Made Rails. All our curved rails are custom designed and built to suit each individual home. We always use a twin rail system to ensure complete safety and stability. Variable bend speeds can be selected by user. Trim can be chosen to suit any décor.

Indoors or Outdoors. Mobility in the garden is just as important to many users as inside the home. We can supply and fit a number of outdoor stairlift models so people can continue to access all the favourite parts of their garden.

Lockable On Off Switch. This allows the user to control who operates the stairlift and is particularly useful when children are around.

Safety checks. All our stairlifts are subjected to a rigorous safety check after installation. We also operate a 24 hour emergency call out service, so you can have complete peace of mind whenever a problem arises.

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